Travel Tips for Female Travelers

woman travelSometimes it is nice to just sit back, relax and travel somewhere by yourself or with a couple of gal pals.

However, in today’s problematic society, a woman traveling alone or even with a couple of female friends becomes fodder for criminals.

Here’s how to keep yourself out of trouble when traveling.

Going about

It is a good idea not to draw attention to yourself. When you are traveling, consider what other women in that country usually wear. It is sometimes wise to blend in.

If you love expensive jewelry, it would be a good idea to part with them for a while. Jewelry catches the eyes of criminals. Opt for fancy jewelry instead. It is also a good idea to wear a wedding band – to ward off unwanted attention from undesirable men. If you do get nasty comments, simply ignore them.

If you have made new acquaintances on your travels, do not trust them completely right away. A lot of travelers, especially women, fall victim to criminals disguised as other travelers. Do not give out too much information about your travel plans, most especially where you are staying.

Traveling naturally means going out to see the sights. When you do go out, plan your day itinerary carefully. Know how to go to a place and get back from it.

Before you leave your hotel, get a card with the establishment’s contact details and directions. Some hotels offer transportation services, but if it is way beyond your budget or your hotel doesn’t offer them, ask your hotel instead to recommend a taxi. Never hitchhike or accept a ride from strangers.

Night out

You would naturally want to check out the night hot spots of the place. Before you head out though, always make sure you tell some where you are going and what time they should expect you to come back.

In clubs or bars, be wary of people who make unwelcome advances. Get yourself out of the situation the moment you start to feel uncomfortable.

Also be careful around people who make you feel guilty when you resist their advances, those who appear drunk or those who do not listen to what you are saying. Also, decide against leaving the place with someone you just met, no matter how attracted you are to him.

Drugs and rape

When you are out partying, especially in a new place, do not leave your drink or food unattended. Always get your own food and drink, never accept from other people. If somebody offers you something, tell him you just got yourself some.

Drugs are now often being used in rape. These drugs are designed to be undetectable (at least by the eyes and tongue) and can render you unconscious and helpless in a matter of minutes. If you begin to feel weird, sick or drunk after only a few drinks, try to get help. Ask your companion to take you to your hotel, or better yet a hospital. If you are alone, get to a phone and call 911 (if you are in the US).


Your hotel

When checking in, it is wise to give as little information as possible so you won’t be easy to track down. Use your initial only when checking in, and don’t use salutations. Never leave your key where people can see your room number. Always lock your room even if you are inside, Close windows or balcony doors. Lastly, always use the spy-hole or chain before opening your door.

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