Top Airline Safety Tips

airlineSafety should be the most important consideration when having flights. The best thing you can do is to follow thess safety tips:

As much as possible, go for nonstop flights. Airline accidents only happen during takeoff or landing. Taking such flights prevents the occurrence of any of these. Be sure to check direct nonstop flights with your agent as many of them aren’t actually nonstop flights.

While inside the plane, always have your seatbelt fastened. Even though the captain has already turned off the sign that asks you to do this, just fasten your seatbelt. That is because air turbulence happens anytime without any warning at all.

When the flight attendants give instructions regarding preflight safety, always listen to them. There is always a safety information card situated at the seat pocket before you. Always read and review it carefully.

Take note of the nearest exist as well as the number of rows to know how far you are from them. That is because even if the crash is survivable, smoke makes the exists impossible to see.

Don’t wear clothes that might further endanger you in case something unexpected happens. For example, wearing high-heeled shoes is not recommended because they might cause you to trip or stumble in case of an emergency. Also, removing your shoes may cost you some of that precious time.

If you like to know more about some of the safety tips, you can visit the website of the Federal Aviation Administration. It is

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