Tips for Traveling Abroad

travel abroadWhen traveling abroad, safety should be the important consideration. Safeguarding yourself from any problem that you may encounter while abroad is also an important thing for your family. Here are some tips that may help you when traveling abroad:

If you are planning to travel overseas, make sure you register your travel plans first at the State Department. You may even do it online at So in case a crisis or an emergency arises, the department can contact you.

Either you have a valid passport or visa, have any of both signed if it is a requirement. Also, have the emergency information page of your passport filled up.

For your friends and family, leave copies of your itinerary and passport data page so they may contact you if an emergency arises. In addition to this, have your passport photocopied so you may have another in case it gets lost or stolen. This can help you get a replacement for your passport.

Make sure your medical insurance covers your overseas travel. Try getting a supplemental insurance if you find out that you are not covered by any of your medical insurance.

Have yourself familiarized with the local laws and customs of the country which you are visiting. Be attentive when it comes to your possessions and luggages. As much as possible, avoid wearing expensive jewelry or clothing that will make you conspicuous to others. Also, if a stranger offers you a package, do not accept it.

Be aware of travel warnings. Make sure that the country you are going to visit has been issued a travel warning or not. Travel warnings are provided in case of embassy closure or when the the country you are visiting is politically unstable.

Always check for travel alerts. These are issued when there is a crisis that a particular country is experiencing. Such crises can be natural disasters, violence generated by coups or terrorist attacks and international conferences considered to be high-profile.

For assistance, in case of emergencies, contact the US Embassy. The following are the emergency numbers of the Office of Overseas Citizen Services in the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the State Department. From US or Canada, contact these numbers: 1-888-407-4747. From overseas: 202-501-4444.

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