Time Saving Travel Tips

airportSome jobs require their employees to do a lot of field work and traveling. If your job keeps you on the road a lot, then it is important to travel wisely. Here are a few time-saving techniques that could be really helpful to your jet-set life.

Keep a packed bag

Having a packed bag ready saves a lot of time and can even help you catch just a few more minutes of sleep. Once you get home, re-pack your travel bag with a fresh set of clothes, toiletries and everything you will be needing for your next trip. The next time you travel, you will be thankful that you simply have to grab your bag and leave.

Regional airports

Major airports can get too busy and too crowded at times. On your next flight, consider flying out of smaller, regional airports but only if it is prudent for you to do so. Smaller regional airports’ security lines, parking, traffic and check-in process are a lot less busy.

Direct flights

Your company naturally shoulders your travel costs. Naturally, they would want take away as little from the company funds as possible and book you on cheap and usually long flights. But what they sometimes fail to take into consideration is that direct flights may save them a lot more cash. Direct flights mean that you could avoid overnight stays which entails hotel, meal and transportation expenses.

Online check-ins

Checking-in online means you won’t have to stand in line and wait for God knows how long before you could get to security. Remember though to bring carry-on sized bags.

Choosing your seat

If possible, opt for a seat near the front of the plane whenever you travel. Seating near the front means you could easily exit the plane and avoid the line of people waiting for their turn to go out. You can check your seat assignment when you go online to check in. First things first though, you need to make a request for a first class upgrade.

Clear security pass

The Clear security pass is a high-tech card that is now available in the busiest airports in the country. This card allows pre-screened travelers to avoid long security lines. However, to avail of the Clear security pass you need to pay for the initial enrollment worth $128 for one year. Online application and in-person appointment is needed for activation.

Frequent flier programs

Frequent flier programs grant their members access to designated check-in and security lines.


To be able to get around quickly during your business trips, program all your stops (airport, hotel, meeting place, etc.) into the "favorites" section of your GPS. Spend more time traveling and less time asking for directions or getting lost.

Parking passes

A lot of establishments offer monthly parking passes to patrons and customers. This means you won’t have to waste time waiting in pay lines and circling lots to look for a vacant spot. Airports and hotels offer valet parking, but you will have to pay a premium for this service.

Auto loyalty programs

Members of auto loyalty programs save more time when picking up and dropping off their rented cars. Research on rental companies to know which ones have pick up and drop-off locations closer to airport grounds. Sign-up for e-receipts as well, to save time at drop-offs.

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