Things Airlines Won't Tell You

airlineAirplane travel has become quite common these days. Aside from the convenience and comfort that they offer, people save a lot of travel time traveling by air. All these are mostly what you might hear from the airline industry. But there are also some things that they might not be telling you. Here are some of them.

Cabin Air In Planes Can Make You Sick

The Federal Aviation Administration or FAA has conducted an investigation whether potentially harmful fumes may have contaminated airplane cabins where passengers are situated. They found out that between 1999 and 2008, a total of 926 flights have instances of flying with contaminated air.

Although the FAA did not specify what the possible health risks might be, the fact that this happens can be pretty alarming. Some instances of contaminated cabin air during flight has to do with certain engine malfunctions that may lead chemical residues from engine oil to mix with air circulating around the airplane cabins.

Some Airline Scales Are Not Accurate

With many airlines now charging hefty sums for extra luggage, this can be quite a serious issue. It does not help things to know that many of the airline scales used to weigh your luggage are not just accurate. Many of the scales found in airports seem not to tell the actual truth when it comes to the weight of your luggage.

NYC’s Department of Consumer Affairs found out that 14 percent of the airport scales at JFK were not properly calibrated. Scales at Boston’s Logan airport were found out to have 10 percent of them giving incorrect readings.

Silent Treatment During Emergencies

Airline passengers waiting for their flight are not likely to know of emergencies right away if ever they happen. The FAA leaves it at the discretion of the airline if they need to tell their passengers of certain emergencies such as engine failure or any other delays.

The main reason why most airlines do this is too avoid scaring or getting their passengers into a fit of panic. Although the intentions might be reasonable, it is still quite scary that most airlines would still keep mum on certain emergencies, especially when already up in the air.

Airline Flight Crews Are Usually Exhausted

You might not easily know it when you are served by the stewardesses in your flight or even when you see the pilot, but most flight crews in most airlines usually suffer from exhaustion quite often. The busy schedule and irregular hours that pilots usually encounter can take a toll on their health as well as their ability to fly.

In fact, around 250 airplane fatalities in the past 16 years have been attributed to pilot fatigue as the main cause. It is quite often that pilots take different flights one after the other at varying schedules that can eventually take their toll on their health. 

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