Securing Your Home While On Vacation

Going on vacation can be quite an exciting experience. But it can also turn into worry and concern if you neglect to secure your home while you are away. You need to prepare and secure your home very well before you go on vacation to keep worry and concern from preventing you from enjoying your time whole away. Here are some tips that might help out:

Have someone hold your mails while away.

Having an overstuffed mail box can alert nearby thieves that you are not at home. Have someone you know or a neighbor check and hold the mails and letters for you while you are on vacation. You can the pick up your mail from them when you get back.

Make people aware of your alarm system.

One way to deter possible intruders in your home while you are away is by making your alarm system “visible”. Making people aware that you have an alarm system installed in your home will help intruders think twice before attempting to break into it. Try to post easy-to-see signs that you have a home security system installed.

Don’t make your home look abandoned.

Securing your home is not necessarily trying to make it look locked shut and secure. On the other hand, try to make your home look as if someone is still occupying it while you’re away. One way to do this is by investing in indoor lights that can be turned on by timers. Schedule these lights to turn on at night to give it an appearance that someone’s still home.

Consider having motion sensing flood lights for the outer home perimeter.

A floodlight suddenly turning on at certain areas of the home can be an effective deterrent for intruders. Try having floodlights with motion detecting sensors installed around your home perimeter to make it look even more secure.

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