Hotel Safety Tips For Travelers

hotelTraveling is a well accepted way to relax and take a break from everything. College students in particular take their vacation breaks seriously since its is a great opportunity for them to travel across the country or even abroad, if money and time permit. Most students are aiming for a fun-filled adventure, however, if they fail to take account their own safety, students might end up in very precarious or even dangerous situations.

When traveling, it is only natural, of course, to to have some sort of accommodations. When we talk about living quarters for travelers, hotels are the first things that come to mind. A well traveled person should already know some basic safety tips when checking in a hotel. But for first time student travelers, it would be best to look at some common safety tips to ensure a safe, uneventful and enjoyable vacation. Being a student is simply not an excuse for not taking safety seriously.

Choosing a hotel

Since you’re still a student, your preferred hotels or form of accommodations during your travels would be cheap hotels. We do understand that you have very limited budget for your travel, being students and all. But we do emphasize that you keep your own safety in mind and choose hotels that offer better security and privacy.

Choose hotels that have more modern guest room locks. Having such modern locks can deter scrupulous individuals to enter your rooms and ransack the place. A room door with a deadbolt lock and peephole are added security measures.

Other things that you should look for include the presence of fire sprinklers, smoke detectors, room phones that allow outside dialing, strategically placed guest phones on hallways, well-lit interior including rooms, hallways and lobbies. Be knowledgeable about the area. Unless it is truly necessary, avoid hotels located in areas where crime rate is extremely high.

Checking into your hotel room

First make sure that all your baggage has been accounted for. Check immediately the locks in your rooms to see if they are working fine. Study the floor map of the hotel and get to know the location of emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and direction of an evacuation route during times of emergences.

Also, always make sure your rooms are locked when you leave them. Use the main entrance of the hotel and avoid side entrances that opens to galleys or side streets. When outside, always keep safe your room keys and avoid displaying them in public.

Other helpful tips

Be careful when using credit cards. Identify frauds are very common in the US, and student travelers are often targeted by fraudulent individuals. The hotel desk should be discreet enough not to divulge personal information that you have just given to anyone outside your party. Be friendly with hotel staff and know some of their names. Some hotel staff might follow you around and try to be "too" helpful. You can completely ignore them or politely turn them away. Be polite, smile and the rest of the world will be smiling back at you.

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