Common Driving Etiquette Mistakes

driving carSafety on the roads usually depends on drivers observing proper driving etiquette. Failure to do so, even the simplest ones, can result in car accidents that can otherwise be prevented. Here are some of the most common driving etiquette mistakes that many drivers are guilty of.

Failure to use turn signals.

Turning signals make it easy for cars behind you to know of your intentions when you wish to turn on a curve. This will help them prepare for your next move on the road and help avoid costly driving errors. But failure to follow this simple driving etiquette is also one of the most common mistakes many drivers make on the road.

Playing the car audio system out in the open too loud.

Another driving etiquette mistake that quite a lot of people commit has to do with using the car sound system. Some cars nowadays are fitted with outrageous sound systems that make them a huge boombox for its owners instead of just a means of transport. There is no harm in doing so except that some may want to show-off such toys by playing them too loudly. This can be a source of irritation for a lot of people especially on the roadways.

Driving with high beams on.

Another common mistake that most drivers make is by using their cars high beams to light where they are driving. High beams are installed on cars for use in special cases where such lights may be needed. But in areas where there is ample lighting on the roadways, high beams are not necessary. Using them even in well-lighted areas can even be dangerous since they can become blinding for drivers on the opposite lanes. The high beams can even result in collisions and car accidents since they can make drivers on the opposing lane temporarily blinded at times and lose control of their car.

Too much honking during traffic.

The traffic gridlock can get you to feel stressed out, especially if you are trying to get somewhere as quickly as possible. Getting impatient by using your car horn during every small traffic movement. This can be a mistake since you may also be contributing to the stress of those drivers in front of you. The more you blare out your horn, the more you get into the nerves of other drivers. That is the best that it can do and it won’t get you to your destination any faster.

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