Keep Your Home Safe While You're on Vacation

doorHoliday seasons are not only the peak season of travel, it is also the period when crimes like theft and burglaries are most prevalent. Sometimes, some families are reluctant to leave their houses, thinking that their house might be targeted for such crimes.

Good thing there are measures you can do to make sure that your house remains guarded, whether you’re there to personally tend to it or not.

Tell someone that you’re planning to spend the holidays elsewhere

It can be a family member, a friend who lives nearby, or a neighbor. Inform them about the details of your travel, such as the location, the expected time and day of your arrival in your house. This will help the house appear as if the owner never left.

Cancel the deliveries of everyday stuff

Among these stuffs are milk and newspapers, or else the accumulated stuffs on your doorstep will give you away.

Use security alarms

Turn on security alarms so that no theft or burglary will take place while you and your family are away. If you don’t have one yet, have it installed in your house before you leave for your vacation.

Check your windows

Some thieves and burglars enter the house premises through the window. Make sure that yours are guarded, secured, and tightly locked.

Keep the important stuff

If you have important documents or assets that you want to protect, put it in the safe or at the bank to ensure that it will not be touched by anyone else.

Traveling for the holidays is fun but before you decide to leave your home, make sure that you keep it secured and guarded. Do not be hasty. Plan your security measures well. Or else, you just might have to suffer the consequences.


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