How to Make Hotel Reservations

hotelIn booking a hotel reservation, one should always consider the importance having a good deal. One need not be wealthy to enjoy luxury hotels. Always remember that the hotel can be one of the most expensive parts of the trip so make sure not to spend more than what is needed to make a reservation.

Always learn the basic information of the hotel such as the service of the front desk, rooms, check-in and check-out times, policies for late check in, hotel cancellation policies, the rate of the room tax and fees for local calls.

Try to find a good deal. Understand that hotel room rates vary and getting the best one with the best price requires a lot of time for research and negotiations. Ask if they offer discounts for corporate, senior or if there’s a wedding or honeymoon package. Shop for internet discounts and web only rates. Look for travel agents since they can often get better deals. If you are planning to stay longer in a hotel, ask for extended day discounts.

Check the hotel amenities: restaurants, cafes, pools or other recreational facilities, playgrounds, phones, private bath inside the room and business facilities such as Internet connections and fax machines.

In making reservations, reserve with a credit card. Always get equipped with travel insurance which will protect you in case trip is canceled and read travel insurance policies carefully for exclusions. Don’t forget to check confirmation for errors and to double-check your reservations before leaving.

Beware of hidden costs such as taxes, surcharges and other incidental fees which are rarely mentioned until you checked out. Ask for extra charges aside from the agreed room rate before booking a reservation. If they are tacked without your prior approval, refuse to pay.

Not all rooms in a hotel are alike so ask these variables before making reservations. remember that some rooms might be smaller than the other, some have better views, others are closer to the elevator, some might not be renovated.

Get to know the hotel manager, reservations manager, and bell captain. Look for people in charge and make friends. These people have the knowledge of most information about the hotel, from the best views to nest rates, for best time of visiting. Never forget to remind these people how much you’ve enjoyed your stay and let them know of your intention to revisit if it’s your first time.

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