Essential Airplane Carry On Items Guide

Traveling by plane is not as simple now as it was then. There have been quite a lot of changes through the years that has differentiated travel today from the past. For one, security measures are now quite more strict than it was before.

With the threat of terrorism becoming more global, airlines are trying to make sure that passengers on each flight are safe and secure from such threats as possible. That is why there are now regulations regarding what are acceptable and what is not inside carry-on bags that travelers bring with them on board flights. Here is a list of banned and acceptable items on US airlines as stated by security regulations on airports.

Sharp Objects

According to the Transportation Security Administration all types of sharp objects should not be placed on carry-on bags. These include knives, box cutters, ice picks, swords, razor-type blades, and meat cleavers. These items should be placed inside the checked in baggage. Scissors are acceptable for carry-on bags provided that they are securely sheathed or wrapped in order to prevent injury.

Sports Equipment

Many sports equipment are banned from airplanes as carry-on bags. Sports equipment such as baseball and cricket bats, hand weights, bow and arrow, golf clubs, hockey and lacrosse sticks, pool cues, ski poles and spear guns should be placed as checked-in baggage.

Guns And Firearms

Guns and firearms are banned items and should not be inside carry-on bags. Items that might be replicas or resemble guns are likewise prohibited inside carry-on bags. They might be considered as checked in baggage with the exception of flares and gunpowder, which are banned from flights. Travelers may still need to check with airlines to make sure if guns and firearms are permitted even inside the checked-in baggage.

Hand Tools

Tools such as hammers, crowbars, hand drills and drill bits, axes and hatchets, saws and other tools that are more than 7 inches in length are not allowed inside carry-on and should be put inside checked in luggage. Tools that are less than 7 inches in length including screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers are acceptable inside carry-on bags.

Other Items

Liquid and gel toiletries are allowed inside carry-on bags provided that they are inside 3-ounce containers or smaller and placed in a clear plastic quart sized zip lock bag. Any other items bigger than that, even a half-full tube of rolled-up tubes of toothpaste are not allowed. Liquid prescription and non-prescription medicines, eye drops, saline solutions and personal lubricants in any amount however, are allowed inside carry-on bags. Liquid and gel that are bought inside airport stores within the security checkpoints are the only ones that may be allowed inside carry-on bags.

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