World's Sexiest Accents

Lonely Planet asked its fans on Facebook what for them is the sexiest accent in the world. Why should we know? Because it is nice to hear a person’s English spoken in a way that would sweep you off your feet. However, this is totally different from a very bad impersonation of speaking with an accent.

The survey, which gathered over 700 responses, is not scientific. Results show that the Spanish is at the top spot, beating the very-popular French accent. The chart is followed by Irish, Scottish, Australian, Italian, British, Portuguese, and Russian.

Take note that there are Spanish accents, which vary by region (such as Colombian and Mexican Spanish, which garner the most number of responses). This is also the reason why Portuguese is pushed into the top 10, mainly because of its Brazilian cousin.

Other accents that are in the list, but not enough to get into the top 10, include West Flemish, Serbian, Chinese, Sicilian, and Scottish-Jamaican.

Source: Lonely Planet

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