The Honeymoon Do's and Don'ts

honeymoonAll has been taken care of very well: the gown that looks like exactly the one in your dream, the fabulous cake and flowers, the invitation cards you helped design, your favorite musician-friend, the mouth-watering menu, and the intimate reception venue. Everything is in place for the happily-ever-after wedding. But wait, what happens after your perfect wedding?

Of course, you want your honeymoon to be just as perfect as your wedding. But it can only be realized if you plan carefully. Otherwise, your honeymoon may turn out to be a disaster. Here are some things you and your partner should do and should not do to enjoy your honeymoon:


If you find your wedding planner very helpful in planning and organizing your wedding, a travel agent will be helpful in planning a honeymoon that is within your budget. Using a travel agent’s services will give you peace of mind. Like the wedding planner, a travel agent is another professional, ready to give you a very memorable honeymoon.

If you’re tight on budget, numerous travel companies provide a wedding list service, in which guests can purchase you elements of your vacation. These range from hotel reservation to private helicopter transfer.

Take into consideration all inclusive resorts. These resorts are just fabulous. There’s no need to worry because everything is planned beforehand and taken care of. However, perhaps this is not exactly what you want if you and your spouse like spontaneity.

You should request a king size bed. You won’t have problems regarding this in a hotel. But if you’re considering a cruise, remember that the design of almost all cruise ship beds is for a single person only. Make sure that your travel agent specifically requests a double bed to make your cruise more special.

Also make sure that you choose a hotel that offers special events exclusively for honeymooners, like private dining on the beach. In addition, you should check out smaller hotels. Compared to the larger ones, smaller hotels are more likely to give you the special attention you need as well as upgrades.

It is also very important that you know the weather of the honeymoon destination. Make sure that the destination is not frequented by storms, unless you and your spouse want your honeymoon on stormy days.


Don’t go to the wrong destination. Make sure that your destination exclusively caters honeymooners. Don’t go to destinations that target families, singles, or seniors as their needs are a lot different from the newly-weds. But disregard this advice if you’re final on your decision to have your honeymoon in Disneyland.

You must not book a flight hours after your wedding. For one, you’re not sure what time the reception will start or end. And, considering the time it takes you to prepare for the wedding, it’s hard to squeeze some time to pack all the things you’re going to need for the honeymoon.

You’ll be in a rush if you leave for the honeymoon hours before the wedding. This gives you the risk of forgetting something very important like your passport, money, credit card, or some personal things. Ideally you should leave about two or days after the wedding.

Don’t go for an extremely tiring itinerary. Your wedding can suck up your energy, so your honeymoon should give you time to relax and enjoy.






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