How To Plan Your Honeymoon

honeymoonA honeymoon isn’t like an ordinary vacation: It’s your first trip together as a married couple — and a vitally important way to relax after the wedding, alone at last. Planning the perfect honeymoon can be almost as stressful as planning a wedding. There are many options, so you and your new spouse need to determine what will be most enjoyable to you. Here are some honeymoon planning tips that go a long way in making your honeymoon a most memorable experience.

Choose destination – you need to decide what kind of honeymoon you would like. Would you planning to be lazy the entire time, lying in the sun on a beach? Or, are you the kind of person who likes to go, go, go. Make sure to talk this over with your finance, as you may discover you have different intentions for your honeymoon – in which case, a compromise is in order.

Budget – Set a proper honeymoon budget. Decide where you will splurge and where you will skimp to avoid any money hassles.

Plan together – Both of you should be involved in the planning of your honeymoon. A honeymoon is for two and to avoid disappointments later on, you should make decisions together.

Select departure – Avoid making reservations for an early departure. For example the morning after your wedding, please avoid going for a honeymoon. A lot of newlyweds prefer to wait one day after the wedding to go on their honeymoon because they get time to relax before to leave.

Inform people you are newlyweds – Everybody loves newlyweds, and many vacation packages, cruise lines, hotels and restaurants will give you special attention.

Make research – Call your travel agent or do some research online. Find out as much information as possible about the cost of your possible honeymoon. Don’t forget about all the details – airline, hotel, car rental, food, entertainment, tipping, taxes, souvenirs, etc. Many packages will allow you to have all the frills you want and also save your money.

Shop for a travel agency – Shop around for an agency that offers you good service, it won’t cost you more. As a matter of fact, it might save you money to plan your honeymoon with the assistance of an experienced travel consultant who will take the time to learn your needs and expectations.

Choose the perfect accommodation – The ambience of your accommodation can be the single most important aspect of your honeymoon trip. You can afford to skip other trips but not your honeymoon. The ambience of your accommodation can be the single most important aspect of your honeymoon trip. Even the most expensive and luxurious hotel room won’t be worth much if you have a view of a parking lot or garbage dumpsters. You’ll have to pay more for a room with a view, but consider it money well spent.

Be careful with advertising – 7 day package is only 6 nights long, and not a full week. Always read the fine print. Charter flights might be less expensive, but if they list JFK Newark and LaGuardia as “co-terminals” in the fine print they reserve the right to change the departure from Newark to LaGuardia. They could do that the day before you leave! Make sure you understand and read everything very carefully! Beware, an oceanview room is still considered oceanview, even if there is a highway between your hotel and the ocean.

Be organized – If you plan your honeymoon online by yourself you should devote a small notebook strictly to your honeymoon, and keep track of every confirmation code you’re given. (This will make dealing with any changes or concerns much easier.) Also, record dates, times, phone numbers, addresses and other vital travel info.

Call to confirm reservation – When you book a flight or hotel room on-line, call the next day to make sure the reservation went through. This is a good time to ask for seat assignments, upgrades and mention it’s your honeymoon (you never know what free perks you’ll get!) If the Web site doesn’t provide a phone number, don’t take a chance–choose another site for your travel arrangements.

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