Honeymoon in French Polynesia

French PolynesiaEvery couple’s dream of a perfect honeymoon is something that will seem to last forever, somewhere in the middle of nowhere where they can make the most of their time together, away from the problems of the busy city and the stressful works.

The French Polynesia, a paradise of almost 118 islands, conjures up to the world that moves in a laid-back pace, with white sand beaches, wonderful seas and stunning scenery that serve as images that translate a honeymoon to an unforgettable romantic journey.

Also notable for the genuine hospitality of its islanders, French Polynesia provides an ambiance of exclusivity as reflected on its elegant hotels and resorts with blended French and native culture. The culinary tradition is a combination of local, French, Italian and Chinese influences.

Most recommended accommodations at French Polynesia include the following:

Taha’a Island Resort and Spa is comprised of twelve Beach Suites with private pool and private decks that leads to the lagoon. It has three restaurants, two bars and two boutiques. Recreations include spa, swimming, kayaks and canoe.

Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa has 120 luxury luxury suites and villas located in on a terraced land overlooking the ocean. The feel of the resort is intricately designed by marble tiles, exotic woods and cloths.

Hotel Bora Bora is strategically located to give room to a full-view of the ocean, coral reefs and majestic volcanoes. The bungalows are very reminiscent of an old trader’s house with use of rattan and bamboo. Set in tropical gardens with a private pool and sun deck are the Pool Farés and the Bungalows are set over the lagoon waters on stilts.

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