Traveling with Baby on The Plane

mom and babyWhether you are traveling by plane, train, or car for the holidays, you are always concerned about what baby clothes to pack. Although they are generally small in size and lightweight, too many baby clothes could add up to your heavy luggage. It is best that you bring just the right amount of baby clothes, depending on how long you would be away, as well as the mode of transport.

A convenient way to travel

Traveling by plane is a common way of traveling around the country mainly because of the time convenience. A shorter travel time means that the baby is less likely to become cranky or uncomfortable that the baby may feel during long-distance travels. However, with new policies about luggage weight and what items are not allowed in the airplane, you need to be informed on what baby clothes to pack.

Bring more than what you think

It is important to bring the baby clothes in the carry on bag. When traveling on a plane with a small baby, you need more than enough clothes because you have to anticipate not just the plane ride but also the layovers and possible flight delays.

Onesies or snapsuits

When traveling by plane, bring at least three onesies or snapsuits. It may seem like a lot, but after a leaky diaper and when your baby vomits out milk, you are left with one onesie.


Bring at least three pairs of baby socks with you when traveling, just in case your baby accidentally drops a sock in the airport while you are going between terminals. Once lost, it is highly unlikely that you would find that sock again.

Slip-on shoes

There are a variety of slip-on shoes available for your baby. Make sure that the pair would stay put during the trip.

Shirt and pants

Bring along a pair of slip-on pants and a long-sleeve shirt. If you sense you baby finds the airplane too warm, simply take their shirt and let them sit wearing a short-sleeve onesie. If it is too cold, put the long-sleeve shirt on your baby. Meanwhile, slip-on pants are more convenient because they make changes quicker and easier.

Bamboo clothing

It is very much recommended to go organic when providing clothes for your baby. There are baby clothes made of bamboo fiber, which when brought as a pajama would provide regulated warmth to your baby (not to mention being silky and comfortable).

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