Top 5 Healthiest American Cities

San FranciscoAre you fining it difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle? If your answer is yes, chances are you are in the wrong city.

Where you live can contribute significantly to your health. If you live in a place where water and air are polluted, where healthy foods are not easily accessible, where there is not space for you to get some exercise, and where unhealthy lifestyles are a trend, then you might want to consider moving to any of the following "healthy" cities.

San Francisco

The City by the Bay takes the top spot in this list of healthiest US cities. Walk up and down San Francisco’s rolling streets and see if you don’t get killer legs (and stronger lungs!) in a matter of weeks. What’s more, the city allots 20 percent of its land to develop parks and other civic attractions so residents will have plenty of places to go around and get some exercise. It also helps that there are stunning views and architecture, and of course 265 days of sunshine ever year.

The Bay Area also boasts of restaurants – about 79 – that offer healthy foods, even vegetarian-friendly items on their menus. On top of that, the San Francisco Vegetarian Society holds a vegetarian potluck every month. You can’t find a better motivation than that.

Aside from all these, the Bay Area has 523 acupuncturists and more yoga studios than other cities.

Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital takes the number two spot in the list. Apparently, Washington is concerned about other things besides politics. The capital has more community building programs in place than other cities surveyed. Examples of such programs include: youth athletic organizations, garden initiatives, etc.

One of the city’s main focuses, is to have clean air and environment. The Clean City Initiative, another one of Washington’s community building programs, is formed to combat littering, graffiti and illegal waste disposal. Washington also has some of the strictest environmental laws, making more than 400 arrests in the past 5 years alone.

Washington D.C. Also has one of the best transportation systems in the country. There are over 1,800 buses and subway trains in operations, and each one is now equipped with bike racks.


Seattle is the third healthiest city in the US. Seattle has a number of volunteer programs in places, the most renowned being the 45th Street Clinic Homeless Youth Program. Fourth year students at Kenmore University can donate naturopathic care to homeless youth. Volunteer programs not only give you a sense of well being, they are actually good for your health too.

Though its air is not as as clean as the other cities in the list, Seattle has plans of converting 250 of 1,000 buses to environment-friendly buses with the goal of cutting down emissions by up to 90 percent.


"Hotlanta" is America’s 4th healthiest city. The city is dotted with eco-friendly restaurants that serve mostly organic foods and over 40 restaurants that offer vegetarian meals. Atlanta also has more natural food stores (per capita) than other US cities surveyed. This means that residents can stock up on natural healthy foods when they eat at home.

On top of that, Atlanta has the fewest number of fast food restaurants than any other city. Thus residents will have to opt for healthier food selections. The city also has more fitness centers than the other cities in the survey. Healthy foods plus fitness centers makes for healthy (and can we say "hot"?) residents.


Making it to the top 5 healthiest US cities is Minneapolis. Along with its "twin" Saint Paul, Minneapolis has released Twin Cities Green Guide "local nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting an environmentally sound and community-oriented lifestyle." The organization helps residents join or form a co-op housing group, start a community garden, and save energy in their houses. The Twin Cities Green Guide also gives information on how to keep the city clean and how to improve residents’ mental and physical health.

Minneapolis also has the most number of restaurants which serve predominantly vegetarian foods among other cities in the survey. The city also has more holistic doctors and veterinarians than the other surveyed cities.

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