Most Family-Friendly Airlines

Different airlines have different qualities of service, especially if you are traveling with an infant or toddler. Many airlines do not address the needs of children during flight, which can be frustrating to parents. There are, however, shining exceptions that the people of Baby World have discovered.

American Airlines – Baby bassinets are available upon request, so your infant remains comfortable during flight. Baby food is also supplied to children under the age of two. However, do note that infant seat belts are not available and that children’s meals have been discontinued, so do not forget to bring lots of snacks. Pre-boarding for families with young children is a priority.

Air Canada – Children up to six months can sit on bassinets, while older kids must either sit in their own seat or sit on their parent’s lap. Kid’s meals are available upon request and a changing table is available at the back of most Air Canada long-haul flights. It is interesting to note that children get discounted tickets in this airline.

British Airways – Baby bassinets are given to infants up to 25 pounds, while toddlers up to the age of three can sit on Britax seats (similar to car seats). Infant lap seat belts and children’s meals are available upon request. Formula and breast milk can be stored an heated in the kitchen galley. Young families are given priority when boarding.

Continental Airlines – Children under 22 pounds can lie on bassinets, while children over that weight can either sit down on the airplane seat or on their parents’ laps. Baby meals are offered. Parents with infants are prioritized for bulkhead seats (where there is extra leg room).

KLM Airlines – Bassinets are available upon request, while bulkhead seats are given to parents with young babies. Infant food is also provided, while toddlers get their own special meals. The airline even supplies feeding bottles, baby spoons, and other essential baby feeding accessories. Tickets are discounted for infants and young children.

Qantas Airlines – This airline provides a wide array of baby essentials from books, finger puppets, and even baby wipes. Bassinets are available on booking baby passengers under 25 pounds. Children weighing more than than would have to bring their own car seat.

Singapore Airlines – Bassinets are available upon request for children under two years, or bring a car seat of their own. Bulkhead seats are provided to parents with young children. Infant food and children’s meals are provided. Gameboys and TVs are also installed on all seats. Baby passengers get discounts on ticket price, while children above two years old would have to pay full fare.

United Airlines – Babies under six months are provided with bassinets. Any children older than that must sit on a parent’s lap or purchase a discounted fare. The airline allows the kids to bring along their car seats provided they have purchased a seat.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines – Baby bassinets are available upon request for children under 12 months. Older children, meanwhile, would have to sit with a parent or in his own seat. An emergency supply of baby essentials like nappies, formula milk, baby food, and milk bottles is also available upon request. Children would get a meal of their own, as well as a goodie bag filled with games and puzzles.

Source:  Baby World

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