Cruise Seasickness Remedies

cruise boatSeasickness is a common condition that a lot of people experience when the head out to sea or go on a cruise.

Seasickness is characterized by dizziness and nausea which is caused by the rocking motion of the ship.

If you suffer from seasickness, there are several remedies to treat this condition.

Motion sickness medications such as Bonine or Dramamine, as well Vitamin B6 or ginger supplements may be used to treat seasickness as well. Dramamine may cause drowsiness, but Bonine does not have the same side-effect. Pregnant women may benefit most from the relieving effects of ginger and Vitamin B6.

You can also reduce seasickness through the following:

Getting plenty of rest as exhaustion makes you more susceptible to things that can bring on motion or sea sickness.

Eating before boarding a ship can make your stomach feel fine. But do not over eat. The motion of the boat at sea won’t help your stomach digest the food properly. Besides, it’s easier to keep things down if you’re not overflow from them.

Avoid greasy and acidic foods hours before your cruise.

Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration – which in turn, cause the body to lower it’s resistance against factors that can bring on seasickness. Make sure you are well-supplied with water for your trip, and drink often.

Avoid drinking alcohol the night before your cruise. For one, you do not want to go cruising with a hangover. For another, alcohol causes dehydration that, again, lowers your chances of fighting seasickness-inducing factors. If you really must drink, make every third drink a glass of water to keep you hydrated and to lower your chances of getting a hangover.

Coke or Pepsi are said to help settle the stomach.

Eat crackers during your cruise. Crackers absorb the extra acid in the stomach when you feel nauseous.

Avoid diesel fumes and gasoline as they may can make you feel even more nauseous.

Avoid enclosed spaces. Choose a spot outside, perhaps on the deck, where you can get some fresh air and a bit of sunshine.

Focus on the horizon to make you fell less dizzy. Do not sit or lie down. Despite your body screaming for you to do so, sitting or lying down only makes dizzier.

Limit your time under the sun though. Sun overexposure can make you feel too warm, which quickly lowers your resistance to motion sickness, especially if your there on the deck with the boat moving with the waves.

Stay clear of people who are also sea sick. If they are overcome by seasickness, you are very likely to have a sympathy reaction and lose it as well.

If you’re on a fairly small cruise, steer the boat. This can help relieve some of the dizziness.

Clean your ears before your trip. Cleanliness allows the balance mechanism in the ear to work better, and may help reduce seasickness.

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