Choosing a Caribbean Cruise Destination

Cruise boatVacations are always fun. It is sometimes the preparation and planning that takes some bit of effort. A planned vacation can be one that may provide you with the least worries. That is why planning and a bit of research might be needed in order to make every vacation more enjoyable and fun.

Planning is important when you plan on going on a Caribbean cruise. One of the most vital in the planning stage is the destination (or destinations) that you want to cover on your Caribbean trip. This would be most appropriate since the different Caribbean cruises available for you will each have something to offer. Knowing the destination will provide you with some knowledge of what would be in store for you on the cruise.

When searching for the best Caribbean cruises online or from what travel agencies offer, you generally might hear of two types of Caribbean cruises being offered- the Eastern and the Western Caribbean cruise. Which one to choose would ultimately depend on the activities that you have planned to do on your vacation.

Western Caribbean cruises are ships that usually sail through the Western Caribbean portion of the islands. The cruise ships usually originate from New Orleans, Florida or Texas and the Caribbean itinerary includes ports of call in Mexico, Grand Cayman, Florida, Jamaica, Belize, Dominican Republic or Costa Rica. Western Caribbean cruises are usually for those people who wish to spend most of their vacation at sea. If you wish to enjoy a week-long vacation in the water with shorter stays on the islands visited, then you might want to choose having a Western Caribbean cruise for a change.

An Eastern Caribbean cruise, on the other hand, sail through parts of the eastern Caribbean usually by way of Florida. Ports of call usually included on the said cruise include visiting St. John, the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico or St. Martin. The islands in this type of cruise are closer together and provide a shorter time spent at sea during port intervals.

Vacationers may have more time to spend on shore where excursion plans usually focus more on several beach and water activities.  The Eastern Caribbean cruise usually may appeal to people who wish to spend longer time on the different islands than at sea. So if you wish to do more shopping and other fun and exciting land-based activities in the Caribbean, then the Eastern Caribbean cruise is for you.

Knowing what you wish to do on your vacation will determine the type of Caribbean cruise that you will ultimately choose on your next vacation. So before you choose the type of Caribbean cruise on your next vacation, think about the activities that you plan on doing first. This will help you choose the right type of Caribbean cruise that you know would give you that perfect vacation experience.

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