World's Top Eco Friendly Destinations

madagascarEco-friendly vacations have become quite popular among people. With putting high regard towards protecting the environment, many people are opting for vacations that aim to preserve and keep the natural environment as part of its main attraction.

Another reason why eco-tourism may have grown as well is that many people may find themselves getting to see some of the last remaining pristine natural surroundings on Earth before it’s too late.

With that in mind, here are some of those parts of the world that may still attract a lot of people with their wonderful and scenic natural surroundings.


Because this country seems to enjoy lesser success in terms of drawing tourists than most of its neighbors, the same reason may help them become attractive for the crowd of tourists who prefer going to places less traveled. Panama also offers quite the same ecological surroundings as more popular Costa Rica.

And for eco-travel, Panama still offers many places to visit that still remain pristine and beautiful from the ecological point of view. There are still rain forests in this country worth visiting where wildlife is still teeming and abundant.

All these may be explored and discovered while trying to discover the interesting areas of the country’s most famous landmark, the Panama Canal.


Iceland can be one of those destinations that offer visitors something that unlikely would be found anywhere else. Despite its usual rugged and harsh landscape,

Iceland also offers quite a unique blend of wonderful natural wonders located all over the country.

There are lava fields to visit, various glaciers breathtaking waterfalls to marvel at as well as experience the country’s many popular hot springs and geysers.


For those who are interested to discover and know more about the interesting and unique world of wildlife, Madagascar in Africa would be the ideal destination to head to.

This country is blessed with a wide variety of wildlife that can be found nowhere else on the planet. There are strange reptiles to check out and even strange flora such as the boabab trees found in this island that are worth knowing more about.


Being considered as one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia, Laos still has something to take pride in. It is one of the last remaining areas in Southeast Asia where one can catch a glimpse of how the region looks like before tourism and industrialization took over.

What Laos offers is a closer look at how pristine and unique a typical natural Asian landscape looked like in the past. And this might just be the last glimpse that tourists may be afforded, before industry and development may forever change the natural scenery.

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