Winter-Only Hotels: Bunk In Now Before They Thaw!

ice hotelMany seasonal hotels around the world have their doors open during summer and happily close them come winter time. But fun is not all about summer. Winter, too is fun. We’re giving winter-only hotels some love today. Read on as we describe four famous lodgings that thrive on snow and ice. Literally.

Ice Hotel (Jukkasjarvi, Sweden)

Many travellers complain about the outdated hotel accommodations. With Ice Hotel, however, there’s no need to worry. Located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle in the Lapland region in Sweden, the hotel is created anew each year by highly innovative and creative artists, architects, and builders.

The hotel features far-out elements like translucent beds, frozen whirlpools, and ice sculptures. This season, Ice Hotel has an added feature – the Absolut Icebar. This feature offers guests and visitors a luminous lounge adorned by fur throw-filled icy booths for evening imbibing.

Hotel de Glace (Quebec, Canada)

Hotel de Glace is the only ice hotel in North America. Spending the night in this icy hotel means slumbering on a bed atop a solid ice base, but don’t fret. The unique bathrooms are heated and overnighters are provided with arctic-ready sleeping bags.

Hotel de Glace also features a Nordic relaxation area complete with a dry sauna and outdoor hot tubs, giving guests worthy reasons to be warm. Overnight accommodations are open only from 9 in the evening to 8 in the morning, although guests can have hotel tours during the day. The hotel is open from January to March every year.

Hotel Garni Bel Ami (Austrian Alps)

Hotel Garni Bel Ami is located on the breathtaking slopes of the Silvretta Galtur ski area in the Austrian Alps. This winter-only hotel is perfect for those with limited budget as it has moderately-priced rooms, furnished in armoires and natural wood beds. Rooms also include access to sauna and steam facilities.

You can have good deals (including lift tickets to the ski area) when you book a 7-day stay. Here’s another perk: The hotel’s owners often engage in fireside chats with guests and visitors in the bar area at night. The hotel is open from December to April.

Arlberg Hospiz Hotel (Austrian Alps)

Arlberg Hospiz Hotel has single, double, suite, as well as apartment-style rooms. With a history dating back to 1386, this St. Christophe hotel is set amid the gigantic snowdrifts and the slopes of the surrounding mountains.

The hotel has an overall upscale vibe, with rates exceeding 600 euro for one night in a number of cases. In the past few years, Arlberg Hospiz Hotel has added a superb spa area with both Western and Eastern treatments, fitness facilities, an indoor pool, and plunge pools.

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