Voluntourism: A New Way to Travel

earth globeTravel enriches the soul. Travellers often return from trips abroad refreshed and feeling wiser for travelling to unfamiliar places, meeting new people, and experiencing cultures very different to their own.

What strikes many of them most, however, is the poverty that denies people from less developed countries basic services such as healthcare, education, and housing. If you love travelling and care about these people at the same time, then consider becoming a voluntourist.

What is voluntourism?

Voluntourism involves people who travel to different countries to help provide aid to poor communities while intimately experiencing the local culture. This trend of combining inspiration and exploration is gaining more popularity, largely because of the increased opportunities now available.

Unlike before, you can now stay in a foreign country for only a week or two to make a huge difference. In fact, you can help an entire community even during your honeymoon.

What should you expect on your voluntour trip?

While every trip is unique, voluntour trips in general share some similarities about the amenities and services provided. Program fees usually include meals (featuring exotic and delicious local cuisine), accommodations (hotel, private home, community center, or guest house), and ground transportation.

However, the fees do not usually cover airfare, visas, trip cancellation insurance, or medical insurance. For these important components, you should visit a travel agency. Travel agencies also give you good advice and tips when you are considering various alternatives during your free time.

Voluntour trips last one to three weeks. This depends on the location. However, you can sign up for additional programs if you want to stay longer. Expect a diverse range of people on your trip. People of all ages, class, gender, and educational background are traveling abroad to experience this meaningful and life-changing vacation.

What do voluntourists do?

Voluntourists engage in a variety of activities. You can work at an orphanage in Ecuador and nurture children. You can teach the English language to Hungarian children and help them carry out their education requirements. You can also restore villages in the Blue Mountains in Jamaica and help villagers get their dignities back.

Moreover, you can provide care for disabled Chinese children. You can repair homes in aboriginal Australia and help these native people in their fight for equality.

You can help people in Northern Greece by assisting in providing basic health-care screenings like well-baby checks, prenatal exams, and diabetes tests. There are countless other programs you might want to get involved in.

Regardless of how you choose to contribute your time and energy into a beneficial cause, you will always return satiated. Your soul will also be well fed after you make a difference in the lives of your less fortunate international neighbors.

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