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Ice hotel

For the traditional tourist, you would want to normally check-in a hotel. But if you don’t consider yourself as a conventional tourist, then you might want to visit an ice hotel instead.

One of the most unique vacation spots that you will ever go to is an ice hotel. It is a beautifully crafted place that is made out of ice. Some of the best ice hotels are located in Quebec Canada and in Sweden.

Sweden Ice Hotel

The ice hotel of Sweden is situation on a river shore in a village called Jukkasjarvi in Swedish Lapland, which is 200 kilometers north of the Artic Circle. However, in the same way that normal hotels are constructed, ice hotels also require almost the same amount of effort.

Each winter, whenever an ice hotel is crafted, it requires 10,000 tons of clear river ice plus another 30,000 tons of snow. The ice hotel actually has an ice sauna, chapel and an Absolut Ice bar that the "architects" change every year.

The guests who check-in the hotel are able to sleep in sleeping bags on beds which are made of snow and ice which are covered in reindeer skins. When morning comes, a hot drink is brought to your bedside to wake you up. The hotel also offers warm winter clothing and requires several cabins with bunk beds. If you prefer "warm accommodations" which don’t have ice blocks as your beds, then that is available as well.

If you will go to Sweden’s Ice Hotel, your best bet is to go there from early-to-mid December to mid-to-late April.

If you want more than a cold accommodation, then you’ll also be able to take a light show such as the "Northern Lights Tour Deluxe" which also features a 3-course dinner. Even though the northern lights do not appear every night, you might become lucky enough to catch them. However, don’t bet your bottom dollar on it.

Typically, these ice hotels have site packages which the Scantour company in Jukkasjarvi. The package includes all arrangements for airfare to Stockholm and then to Kiruna and then to the Ice Hotel.

If you’ll be brining children along, be sure to remind them that these works of art are not to be climbed upon and should be stayed away from at all costs. If you’re looking for a literally cool place to visit, ice hotels should be at the top of your list.

Quebec Ice Hotel " Hotel de Glace"

This Ice Hotel is located at Duchesnay, 30 minutes west of the Quebec city area. The Ice Hotel makes an easy day trip: far more visitors take a tour of the hotel than stay overnight!

Located inside you will find the popular Ice Bar, the ice chapel, 36 rooms and theme suites (one special suite does have a fire place and a private spa), a Grand Hall with an ice candelabra illuminated fibre optically, a huge N’Ice Club with a capacity of 400 people, three outdoor hot tubs and a sauna.

The guests who stay overnight sleep in a mummy bag that keeps warm in temperatures of 30 below.

The hotel now requires 500 tons of ice and 15,000 tons of snow. This hotel has walls four feet thick that warm the inside air to temperatures of 23-28 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you will go to Quebec’s Ice Hotel, your best bet is to go there from early January to late March.


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