Planning an Ecotourism Trip

ecotourismIn the age of "going green," vacations are now evolving to fit with the changing times. Not only do travelers become interested about the next best white-sand beach or the most luxurious hotel, they have also become intrigued about the wild safari, virgin rainforests, and other majestic locations that have been unspoiled by commercialism.

Ecotourism has become a popular getaway among tourists that some companies have taken advantage of this market trend with the introduction of ecotours. These tours immerse you into natural habitats in such a way that minimize ecological impact. When planning on an ecotour, you need to be prepared.

Know what you are going to get

When reviewing different ecotour packages that seem to be similar at first glance, you need to determine which is better-suited for you by breaking down all the different costs. Check out its price per day, the number of meals, as well as the actual tours included in the packages. You need to realize that the cheapest tour package does not make it a better buy.

Know your itinerary thoroughly

Do not go through the superficialities of the ecotour package and instead ask the operator specific details.

For instance, if the package says that the trip is 10 days long, you need to know when would you be arriving at the location (whether early morning or late in the afternoon) and what time would you be leaving. This would give you an idea the extent of activities that you would experience during the trip.

You also need to look out for additional fees that you may overlook during the review. For instance, a "free day" in your package may mean that you would have to sign up and pay additional costs for it because it was not included in your itinerary. Some venues may provide additional activities for free such as boat rides and mountain hikes.

Know who runs the tours and how large is the tour group

Ask your tour operator whether the actual tour would be handled by a subsidiary company or by a separate tour operator.

A tour handled by the latter may likely gather all groups into a large tour group that would travel all together for the whole itinerary.

If you prefer going to the location as a small group with a local guide, ask the operator whether this is possible.

Know the number and quality of meals

This detail varies from one tour operator to the next. If your tour consists of going through different countries, you may likely be handled by different tour operators that would provide meals of differing quality.

You need to confirm how many meals are actually included in the tour package, as well as whether the restaurants would provide local flavor to the table.

If you are not the adventurous type when it comes to food, you may want to eat within your hotel or remote lodge as their meals are most likely modified for international tastes.

How physical are the trips?

Different ecotourism packages have different itineraries. You may be walking beneath the jungle or ride in an all-terrain vehicle along the desert.

Ask your operator if the itinerary would involve a lot of walking and hiking. If your feet can keep up, it is recommended to walk slowly along the tour so that you would relish the experience more.

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