Top Ski Destinations in Europe

Switzerland alps

Skiing is a popular winter sport that becomes the preferred vacation activity among its many avid enthusiasts. This has brought about the development of various ski resorts and locations all over the world that cater to this crowd during ski season.

The ski season generally falls around October at the earliest and April at the latest.  If you wish to find out about some of the top skiing destinations in the world, here are some of the probable choices.


Austria has long been known as a top skiing destination. This country offers a high density of skiing resorts although most of them are medium sized. Most of the resorts in the country are not as spectacular or as glamorous as other top skiing destination in Europe. But they do offer cozier, less crowded and even cheaper ski vacation options for tourists. If you wish to experience some local charm and culture aside from your skiing, then Austria would be your likely choice.

The Austrian side of the Alps provides the background for most of the ski resorts in the area. There are ski resorts located in Carinthia and Styria that offer less crowded and better valued ski vacations. You may consider going to the smaller ski resorts in Austria if you wish for a more personal touch. These resorts focus more on treating visitors as valued guests and friends instead of just an ordinary tourist.


Switzerland is another great skiing destination. A portion of the Alps form part of the country’s geography, the mountain range that offers Europe’s most popular skiing locations. It is especially famous for LAAX, one of its most popular skiing spots. Aside from the excellent skiing activities in the area, visitors may also like the stunning beauty and landscape before them when visiting the country.

A lot of people have chosen Switzerland as their preferred winter vacation spot. It offers quite a varied approach to tending to its many visitors year in and year out. Vacation packages may differ from one resort to another. Resort features may also be provided in different options as to one’s preference. Checking out available resort information will help tourist choose the right type of Swiss ski resort to go to.


France is another top European ski resort that you may want to check out. As one of the countries sharing a piece of the Alps, it also has a number of wonderful skiing locations. The atmosphere in French ski resorts is worth visiting as it offers not only one of the best features that avid skiers look for but also have stunning scenery to go with it. The ski resort villages are especially worth checking out.

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