Best Places For Scuba Diving

scuba diving

For starters and even for people who’s been engaged with the activity of swimming underwater for extended periods using special equipment, scuba actually stands for Self-contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Scuba diving is the best way in exploring the beautiful sites under the sea. Coral diving sites with their colorful sea life are the most famous sites. Other attractions include shipwrecks and caverns.

Aside from being a sport, scuba diving has become a source of recreation for sea lovers and is suitable for people with physical disabilities. With the care of a diving instructor, beginning scuba divers would be briefed and trained in some accessible dive sites. Starters might get enthralled and be hooked with the sport, thus will continuously search for best diving destinations.

Red sea

Many divers will definitely include the Red Sea surrounding Egypt, Sudan, Israel, Jordan Saudi Arabia and Eritrea as one of the best places to scuba dive. With the water incredibly clear, divers who have the right scuba gear will effortlessly dive underwater and discover amazing sea life.


Malta is another one, as it offers a great visibility, allowing divers to witness for octopus and rays of every kind. With stunning limestone formations and steep drop-offs, Malta makes this possibly the best diving spot in the Mediterranean


Most of Asia’s best diving sites are in Southeast Asia which includes Similan Islands and Ko Tao in Thailand, Boracay in the Philippines, Manado in Indonesia and Sipadan in Malaysia. The sites are great from beginner to intermediate and advanced divers. Maldives in the Indian Ocean and Yaeyama in Japan are additional popular diving sites in Asia.

South America

South America’s diving sites include the Galapagos Islands, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Venezuela and Colombia, which is considered as one of the cheapest diving locations. The Caribbean is also famous for its diving sites in Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, Cuba and British Virgin Islands.


Australia’s large tropical reef system, The Great Barrier Reef, is also considered a very good one, but the area has been overused and is in danger of being damaged beyond recovery. Recommended diving sites include Kangaroo Islands, Vanuatu, Palau, Saipan and Fiji.

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