Heli-Hiking The Canadian Rockies

canadian rockiesOne of the most exhilarating things that you can do is to go hiking in the Canadian mountains. However, there is an alternative to starting at the bottom part of one mountain. The thing that is all the rage right now is heli-hiking.

Heli-hiking is basically using a helicopter to get you various spots in the Canadian Rockies. What’s good about this type of hiking experience is that it doesn’t take anything away from hiking and the physical aspect of climbing a mountain but it actually offers more flexibility in terms of the ground that you will be able to cover when hiking. When you use a helicopter, you will be able to explore more of the magical wilderness of Canada and eventually give yourself a better experience as you get to sightsee even more.

One of the plusses of the experience of heli-hiking is that you can actually choose what type of hiking you experience. It is important that you have your own choice of where you’ll be going so the variety will always surprise you while keeping the balance of what to expect. Some of Canada’s excellent Heli-hiking packages include short escapes to several days of exploring the mountains that are surrounding a comely lodge while enjoying a relaxing gourmet meal afterwards.

You have an assortment of number of nights. Some of the hiking packages that are available right now include a trek over various mountain passes with the assistance of a helicopter. Then when you arrive to the lodge, you’ll spend the next three nights there while exploring the vast mountain wilderness of the Rockies.

The set up allows you to share a mountain experience with your family whether you are old or young. The private lodges that are available can also double as a venue for an office retreat or a family reunion or maybe a milestone celebration. You might want to explore even more so in these cases, a guided tour might be right up your alley. Mountaineering guides will be happy to accommodate you and your hiking experiences in any way they can.

For those who would like to customize their arrangements, there are several possibilities that you can explore in this Heli-hiking experience. So that means that the sooner you get to booking that arrangement for your first Heli-hike, the sooner you get to experience all that the Canadian Rockies has to offer.


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