Torre Del Mar: Your Perfect Spanish Holiday

Torre Del MarIn the Andalucia Region of Southern Spain, one resort town has been a favorite destination among Spaniards.  However, this paradise has been a long-held secret until now.  One step on the coast of Torre del Mar and you would probably have a hard time finding a better place on Earth.

Located in the Axarquia area of Andalucia, this town of 20,000 people is surrounded with fields of crops that the locals popularly refer to as "The Route of Sun and Avocado."  The fields are teeming with mangoes, kiwis, salad crops, and of course, avocados. 

Beyond Torre del Mar’s agriculture, the town is lined with wide sandy beaches that are flanked by long promenades.  Expect beautiful views of both the coast and the hills that are dotted with white houses that complement the color of the powdered sand.  Visitors of Torre del Mar should also never miss the promenade area called Paseo Maritimo de Poniente.

Getting around town is pretty much laid back, as if the flat geography helps a lot for tourists who prefer to walk along the beachside or traveling around town.  What is surprising about this quaint little resort town is that Torre del Mar also has a working seaport, providing a perfect balance of a commercial tourist spot and a virtually unspoiled paradise.  The houses, the beach, and the port are so far apart, making it ideal for people who hated the crowds or the bustling cosmopolitan that some resort towns have.

Its beach can carry even a heavy crowd, mainly because Playa de Torre del Mar is just one long beach.  At four kilometers long, the Playa has a wide sandy shore that can accommodate everybody, even during the summer months.  Travel experts recommend visiting Torre del Mar outside of the hectic summer season, which is between July and August.  During the rest of the year, this quiet town remains its calming pace.

Although there are no direct evidences that the town of Torre del Mar dates back to as far as the Phoenician civilization, it is interesting to note that the name of Axarquia area can be derived from Arabics "Ash-sharquía," which means "the eastern region."

Architecture junkies can have their fill of building appreciation with the Iglesia de San Andres and the reconstruction of the town’s old lighthouse, in which the name of the town was derived.  Meanwhile, visitors can have their fill of golf and shopping.

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