What Are The Scandinavian Countries?

CopenhagenScandinavia is a region located in the Scandinavian Peninsula, north of the Atlantic. It is comprised of the countries of Norway, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark. All of these were once historical kingdoms bound together by history.

The country of Denmark

Copenhagen is the capital of this country. Its people are called Danes and their official language is Danish. It is located at the southern tip of the Scandinavian region. It consists of almost 400 islands and the Jutland peninsula as well.

The islands in this country are all connected by bridges toward the mainland. Its geography is flat and low, along with low hills. This country is filled with sights of windmills and thatched cottages. Faroe Islands and Greenland are all included within the Kingdom of Denmark.

The country of Sweden

The capital of this country is Stockholm and the official language is Swedish. It has several lakes and is the largest among all of the Scandinavian countries in terms of size and population. The people of this country are called Swedes.

One of the biggest parts of the country’s industry is cars. Volvo and Saab originated in this country. In terms of the social make-up of the Swedes, they give high regards to their social programs that are all oriented towards society and they are all independent minded.

The country of Norway

This country’s capital is called Oslo and the official language is Norwegian. It is comprised of islands and fjords. The country sustains its economy through its maritime industry. Additionally, it is dubbed as "The Land of Vikings" or the "Midnight Sun". It is located north of Europe.

The country of Iceland

It is situated at the western part of Europe and has a very mid climate. It is the second largest country located in the region of the North Atlantic ocean region. When flying to Iceland from Europe, it will take at about 3 and ½ hours to get there.

This country has a high economic rating as it has very low inflation rate along with a low unemployment rate. In addition, the per capita income it garners is one of the highest all across the world. However, as the global recession hits the whole world, the country has filed a bankruptcy report due to massive economic losses.

The country of Finland

The capital of this country is Helsinki and its official language is called Finnish or Suomi. It is considered as the country with the lowest immigration rate all across the world. It has a very fine weather contrary to what most tourists expect.

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