Scenes in Downtown Bergen

Bergen, NorwaySince its foundation in 1070 AD, Bergen has evolved into one of Norway’s most important cities.  This country’s second largest capital even became the administrative capital during the early 1200, so it is not surprising why Bergen has been a commercial and tourist hotspot for many European travelers.

Bergen has a number of attractions, but even the locals would tell you that in order to get into the "real feel of Bergen," one has to go beyond the typical sights and simply stroll along downtown.  You can find a lot of things to see and do while spending your whole day there.

Bergen Art Museum

Bergen kunstmusem is one of Scandinavia’s largest art museums, with exhibits ranging from renaissance to contemporary art, as well as several works by Norwegian Symbolist painter Edvard Munch.


The city’s fish outdoor fish market has been a historical center for fish trade.  It would give you an idea on hold people in Bergen used to trade, but many locals would actually discourage you from buying fish there; the fishermen no longer drop their freshest catch there, not to mention the fish are overpriced.


This funicular goes up the Fløyen, a plateau located north-east of the city center.  You can get a great view of Bergen from there.

The West Norway Museum of Decorative Art

This museum houses the country’s largest collection of Chinese art.

St. Jørgen’s Hospital

Commonly known to locals as "The Leprosy Museum," this hospital building-where Armauer Hansen discovered the bacteria that cause leprosy-tells the story about the disease and its history in Norway, not to mention the conditions back in 18th Century when leprosy was prevalent.  Some visitors may find the exhibits disturbing.

Bergen Aquarium

The Akvariet i Bergen has a nice array of aquatic life, especially penguins and seals, as well as Norwegian marine life.  This attraction is usually full in the summer season.

St. Mary’s Church

Mariakirken is the oldest remaining building in Bergen.  Built in the 12th Century, it is still preserved despite the wear and tear of time.  Marvel at its unique architecture, both inside and out.

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