Beaches in Scandinavia

Danish beachScandinavian beaches are among the best in the world. The best part is that they become the best during summertime. Just as what anyone has to expect of beaches. Yet, of course, this is Scandinavia.

If you are planning for a trip to the beach in this part of the world, you better go there on the late months of July and August. So if you want to see the different beaches within the different Scandinavian countries, then you better check out the list below.

Beaches in Denmark

The beaches in Denmark are all located at the coastline of the country. There is no need for anyone to stray that far just to look for beaches. Everything you want to see when it comes to beaches are all in there. Here are some of the best Danish beaches: Amager beaches in the Copenhagen area, Middlefart Marina at Funen, Nymindegab Strand or Henne Strand Beach in West Jutland, and the Bisnap beach in North Jutlan.

Beaches in Sweden

The best time to visit the sandy beaches of the coast of Sweden is during the summer season. If you have ever heard of the Swedish Riviera, then you come to the right spot. Here are some beaches that are considered the best in Sweden: Sudersand Beaches on Gotland, Varamon Beach in Ostergotland, Oland’s Boda beach, and Beaches in Skane.

Beaches in Norway

Many people think that the only thing that they can find in this country’s coastline are its several fjords. Contrary to popular beliefs, Norway is known for its beautiful beaches and its warm, cozy sun. But better be there as early as possible as the summer season in this country is pretty limited. her are some of Norway’s best beaches: Beaches in Stavanger, Oslo’s beaches, and Beach of Selje.

Beaches in Finland

This country has some of the great beaches that everyone will love. Considering the weather in this country, it is a surprise that beach-goers can sunbathe under the sun. The finest beaches that Finland has to offer include, Helsinki’s Hietaniemi beach, Suomoenlinna Beach in Helsinki, and Yyteri beach.

Beaches in Iceland

The beaches here have black sand, one of the rarities in the beach world, and some of them are rocky. Yet as long as the water is warm enough to bathe, then there is no stopping anyone from having a very enjoyable time in these beaches. Consider going to the Reykjavic’s Nautholsvik beach, Reynifsjara beach in Vik, Alftanes beach, Djuparlonssnadur beach, Kirkjubol beach, and Budir beach.

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