How to Get Cheap Airfare

The airline industry struggles to get by this difficult economy as it continues to raise fees and add fees to cope up with high fuel prices. The income it is earning still does not help because Americans now opt for “staycations,” spending vacations within their cities instead of flying to other destinations.

Experts, however, say that a weak economy should not be an excuse. George Hobica, creator of, assure travelers that there are “many, many, many cheap tickets” that they can purchase. Aaron Smith of has sought out travel experts for advise on how to get cheap airfaire.

Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday – These are the slowest flying days of the week for business travel. Because the demand for flying is low, so are the fares.

Travel anytime between Labor Day and Thanksgiving – Just like the Tuesday-Wednesday tip, budget travelers should fly during the slowest time of the year. This rules out holidays, as well as all seasons except fall.

Buy airfare tickets during early morning – Airline ticket prices change three times a day, lowering its prices to fill up flights. While the early ticket buyers get the cheapest airfare, it is also recommended to check out airfares every five hours.

Fly to popular destinations at unpopular times – Cheap summer destinations are usually the ones that are popular during the winter and vice versa. You can also check out airline websites and take advantage of its destinations they have on sale.

Buy a travel package, even if you don’t need it – Travel sites offer lots of vacation packages with discounted hotel rates and even throwing in car rentals. On the surface, these packages cost more, but the actual airfares in it are cheaper especially in last-minute deals. If you do not feel the need for a rental car, you could simply not pick it up.

Source: Yahoo! Travel

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