Top Ten Sites in Dublin

Dublin IrelandSurely, Ireland is one of the best places in Europe. For those who have not yet visited this beautiful place, there are sights that you should definitey not miss. Below is the list of all those great, must-see places.

Trinity College and Library

Queen Elizabeth founded this place way back in 1592. This place, with its awesome architecture, was once an Augustinian priory that fell victim in the dissolution. But today, it dominates the landscape of the city and is one of the oldest buildings in the area. The Trinity College Library has been home to several manuscripts that number up to a million. One of them is the Book of Kells.

O’Connel Street and the General Post Office

This street has served as Dublin’s main artery when traffic is concerned. It is also the widest of all urban streets in the whole of Europe. In its center, various statues and monuments are found here. The huge and impressive houses on the other hand are found at the left and right.

One of the main attractions is the General Post Office, where the 1916 rebellion took place. It was rebuilt after it was shelled by the artillery. In commemoration to its fallen heroes, a bronze statue was built in honor of them.

The National Museums in Dublin

There are two major museums in Dublin. One is the National Museum of Archeology and History. It is found in Kildare Street and it is dedicated to the prehistoric and medieval history of the country. The other one is the National Museum of Decorative Arts and History in Collin Barracks. It is where the various collections of arts are stored. Visitors can have a look at the uniform of Michael Collins he wore when he was shot in the easter Rising.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

This is the largest church in Ireland along with the National Cathedral. Archbishop Comyn founded this place in 1191 and it has been renovated in 1844 and 1869 through the funds provided by Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness. Here, visitors can get a glimpse of the neo-gothic cathedral along with some of its older parts. They can also get to see the graves of Dean Swift and his Stella.

Temple Bar

Before, it was subject to redevelopment and was to be turned into a bus and rail terminal. However, it was spared and was turned into a place of bohemian activity. This is where visitors can see street artists and get a taste of the cuisine and the beers in pubs.

National Gallery

This is located at the center of Dublin, at the Merrion Square West. It was opened way back in 1864. It has exhibited over 500 works of art. Irish artists and portraits have been recently installed in the newly expanded Millenium Wing.

Kilmainham Gaol

One of Europe’s most notorious prisons, this place was where the leaders of the 1916 rebellion were executed. Because of the infamy attached to its history, the Kilmainham Gaol has only been looked upon as a republican shrine.

Dublin Castle

This castle was used before as a Viking fortress. It was then renovated and rebuilt. The Royal Chapel is the only one that looks medieval while the administrative establishments around it are provided with a modern style.

Phoenix Park

This is considered as the world’s largest parks and this is where you can find the splendid residences of Irish President and the Ambassador of the United States. This is where the cricket and polo fields can be seen.

If you plan to visit this place, be sure that you get a glimpse of the Phoenix statue and the Papal Cross. The same thing for the Wellington Monument an the Magazine Fort on Thomas Hill.

Guinness Storehouse

If you want to see the place where the beers are being brewed, it is best that you go here at the Guinness Storehouse. There you can see the brewing process itself, from the Guinness transportation up to the tour where you get to have a free pint at Gravity-Bar.

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