Discover Belfast, Northern Ireland

belfastBelfast, the capital of Northern Ireland has had its share of violence that spanned for many years.  However, that dark age has passed and now, Belfast was awarded as the safest city in the United Kingdom.  Belfast has opened its arms to visitors from beyond Ireland and the UK.

Named after the Irish phrase that translates to "The Mouth of the River Feirste," Belfast is the largest city and capital of North Ireland, which in turn is a part of the United Kingdom.  Belfast is located at the mouth of the River Lagan and is surrounded by low lying hills.

Although the locals may have differing opinions about their city, Belfast was voted the fourth best city in the United Kingdom when going on a city break according to a survey conducted by The Guardian and The Observer.  Its strategic location, being a meeting point between Britain and Ireland, has become more of a cosmopolitan melting pot rather than a disputed region brought out by years of violence.

Tourism has never been this active in Belfast after peace has been restored, with the construction of new hotels, pubs, restaurants, clubs, and shops, as well as the restoration of its historic buildings bursting with pride of its Victorian and Edwardian heritage.  In fact, travelers have begun flocking to the capital of Northern Ireland as a less expensive yet more rewarding alternative to the more tourist-driven and very busy city of Dublin in Ireland.

There are many great locations to explore around Belfast, many of which are relatively undiscovered by tourists.  Walk along its streets and see how it changed dramatically, from the propaganda graffiti on the walls to the hip boutique hotels and the new-found sense of pride among its citizens.  You can walk into a local pub and be warmly welcomed by its long-time patrons, as the locals would like to know what drew you into the city, as well as the chance to share to you their stories.

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