Getting Around Amsterdam

AmsterdamThe Netherlands is chockfull of impressive sights and tourist spots to see. However, it is in Amsterdam where you will find lovely and beautiful people, excellent shopping spots and picturesque canals which happen to weave throughout the city.

If you like to go around a city to take note of its wondrous sights and the culture of the people there, you should definitely have Amsterdam on top of your list.

Now, before you get ready to be immersed in its culture and relaxing charm, you have to remember that Amsterdam is quite a big urban area with over a million inhabitants in it. It would seriously profit you to know how to get around the city. It will certainly pay off if you have the angle on the city Amsterdam.


The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is a big airport and you should give yourself at least an extra hour before your flight or else you will most probably get lost in the midst of the different areas of the building. One important thing to note is that when you are a frequent flyer to Amsterdam, you might want to invest in a “Privium card” which essentially gives you privilege over the queues at passport control.

Instead of lining up to your normal passport line, you go to a special lane which authenticates your identity by an iris scan. This will definitely save you a significant amount of time especially if the passport lines are quite long.


The taxis in Amsterdam are quite expensive. You should be prepared to shell out more than you expected whenever you decide to ride one. Only ride the legal taxis which have blue number plates and proceed to ignore the ones that are otherwise.


If you’re coming from the Schiphol airport, there’s a train going to Amsterdam Central Station where you will pay for € 3.60. Try not to buy the tickets from the machines as they do not accept credit or debit cards. Getting your passes from the ticket office itself will help save you a lot of time and inconvenience. Plus you will be directed to the next platform that you need to go to and you can ask other questions if you have any.

One thing to note is that the train station is known for pickpockets and other baggage thieves. If you’re in a train already and waiting for it to go, they might knock at the window from outside and then the accomplice will probably get your laptop or bag when you are distracted. So be very mindful of where your things are every time.


Since there are no buses that travel long-distance to Amsterdam, you will have a problem finding one. Thus, another logical way to go about is by car. Coming from the east which is Germany, you can take the A1 motorway which goes directly to Amsterdam. If you have any problems with it, be sure to look out for the A10 motorway whose main roads lead radially into the city.

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