Wonderful Greek Beaches

grrek beachBeaches are among the coolest things in Greece. Beauty is the only word that can describe these beaches. Below are some of the fantastic beaches in Greece.

Sarakiniko beach

This beach is located near the corner of Simos beach. It is found in the island of Elafonisos at the southern end of Peloponnese. Panagia is also one of the beaches found there. The Sarakiniko beach and the other two beaches attract so many local and foreign visitors alike because of their clear, beautiful waters.

Egremnoi beach

It is one of the untold beaches of Greece. The scenery around it is so wonderful and it has water so pristine and crystal-clear. Since this one remains a secret to many, its fine, white sand is not much known to several tourists. This beach is located at the west coast of Lefkada. Before you reach the beach, you get to cross the man-made concrete steps, which is the only one separating the crowds going to Lefkada and the beach.

Myrtos beach

Some years back, Myrtos beach was voted as the best beach in all of Greece. There is no surprising about that, given its beautiful waters as well as white pebbles which are all nested along steep cliffs on where it is located, in Kefalonia.

Erimoupolis beach 

This beach is nestled between rocks and some centuries-old cemetery. Literally called the "abandoned town", it is found in Crete. The only setback of Erimoupolis beach is that it gets very much crowded during weekends. However, on weekdays, this is one of the best places to be.

Myrtidiotissa beach

When going to this beach, it is best to park your car at the high hills, at the monastery of Myrtidiotissa. After that is a walk down a dirt road for about a kilometer long. Once you get there, you can see the pristine waters of this beach and the soft brown sand beneath the cliffs on every side. Located at the island of Corfu, Myrtidiotissa beach is crowded with tourists during the entire season. Yet it remains to be one of the best places to be during the summer.

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