Top 5 Attractions in Athens

athens acropolisGreece offers visitors wonderful attractions. Athens is one of the most visited cities in Europe, alongside Paris, Rome, London, and Prague. It is a great destination especially if you’re into ancient history. Below are some of the top tourist attractions in this historical city of Athens.

The Acropolis

Historically, this is where the city of Athens was founded. The specific spot itself was actually the large rock. The Acropolis is translated literally as the "upper city". It can be seen from the whole of Athens and it is topped by the Parthenon.

Once you get up the Acropolis, you see several buildings. Aside from being rich in history, this place provides a very cool view overlooking Athens. Here’s a tip for those who want to witness the grandeur of this place: Go early before the crowd, especially in summer so you will not get to experience the extreme heat.

The National Archaeological Museum

There are not too many museums out there that is truly a National Museum. If you get to the British Museum or the Louvre, you see treasures and artifacts around the world. Only few of those that are found within the country itself. But this Greek museum holds Greek treasures. It shows the pride of the Greek heritage and its culture. If you get there, do not be surprised if you get to consume half a day just to see all of those treasures.

The Parthenon

The Parthenon itself is the symbol of Greek democracy. It is one of the greatest monuments in the world. True, it may only be a standing artifact in itself devoid of anything that you may consider cool. Yet this remains to be one of the holders of the Greek civilization, culture and history.

This building is now under construction and renovation under the program conducted by the Greek Ministry of Culture. If you wish to have your photos, the Parthenon is one of the best places in Athens to do just that. At least, you get to bring home some of Greek’s lasting history with you.

Street Market of Monastiraki

This is where you can see the best of Greek street life. In here, you get to bargain for several items that are even popular among tourists. But if you want to see the eastern bazaars of Monastiraki, then come here on Sundays. There you will see bargain-hunters as well as curious visitors. You can even purchase second-hand computers there as well as  postcards.

Lykavittos Hill

Another high point in Athens is the Lykavittos Hill. It is also located at the center of the city. From there, you can get a view of the Acropolis. Also, up there is a chapel, a restaurant, and some of the most wonderful views of the city. The best thing about this place is that you can have some of your photos taken. And since the Acropolis is visible from up there, you can also have a picture of it.

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