Protaras Cyprus: The Little Secret

Protaras, CyprusThe island of Cyprus may still have a political tension between Greece and Turkey (who both claim jurisdiction over the area), but that does not deter tourists from all over the world to discover its innate beauty. Many people may not realize that Cyprus is known for its beaches, and they all come to the most beautiful of them all: Protaras.

Located in the town of Paralimni, Protaras is a resort village that consists of a wonderful sandy coast lined with beaches along the town’s eastern coast. It starts from the north at Kapparis Beach to the south at Konnos Beach.

Protaras has a rich history dating back to ancient times when the city-state of Leukolla once stood along the coast. It is said that Demetrius Poliorketes sought refuge on its harbor in 306 B.C. as he waited for Ptolemeos, one of Alexander the Great’s successors. However, an ensuing battle left Ptolemeos defeated and fled to Egypt. This left the island of Cyprus under the administration of Demetrius.

The most famous beach in Protaras is called the Fig Tree Bay, located between Vrysis and Xistaria beaches. Fig Tree Bay has a lot of amenities along the calm, clear waters of the Mediterranean such as sunbeds and umbrellas, shops, restaurants, and picturesque houses fit for sightseeing. You can also climb the nearby hill 100 meters high and visit the Profitis Ilias Church, where you can have a glorious view over Protaras and the Mediterranean Sea. However, some tourists may find Fig Tree Bay a bit on the overcrowded side.

Other prominent beaches located along Protaras are the bays of Agia Triada, Vrisoudkia, and Pernera. You can also marvel at the hundreds of watermills situated in the area, providing a special picturesque image as well as a testament on the town’s way of life for the past 50 years.

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