Top Nudist Beaches in France

france beachJust a generation ago, nudist beaches in France would have been impossible. Diehard naturists and nudists may have paved the way, risking ridicule and arrest to advance their cause. Today, nude swimming is as accessible as a sauna or a round of golf.

You might be surprised to know that nude swimming or sunbathing is not "exactly" legal in the country. Ah, the eternal paradox. But this is what people love about France. Here are some of the top nudist beaches in France.

Cap d’Agde

Cap d’Agde, or the "Naked City", is one of the most popular nudist beaches in France. It is well known (or perhaps notorious) as the capital of nudism in the world. Located along the Mediterranean Sea, this Languedoc city has an entire village devoted entirely to nudism. Here, you can go about your daily life in your birthday suit. Although donning fabric is acceptable, there is no point visiting the Mecca of nudism while wearing clothes.

You can find in Cap d’Agde a lesson about the pleasant eccentricities of the French. Do not be shocked if you see nudists dress up for dinner. This is France, after all, where dinner must not be undertaken with meager frivolity.

Vieux St. Giron

Another popular nudist beach in France is Vieux St. Giron, which is located in the Landes region. If you are into surfing (nude, of course), then this beach is for you. The waves are intense and you must be very careful of the undertow, especially if you are not a good swimmer. Unlike some other beaches in the Mediterranean Sea, you will find here sand dunes and a laid back feel.

Leucate Plage

Leucate Plage is the classic nudist beach. It has gleaming waters, golden sand, and many happily naked holidaymakers. You will enjoy the calm water and the shore that shelves gently into the sea. Three naturist resorts are sharing the coastline, but Leucate Plage is open to all. This beach is very popular with families.


The southwest coast of France is virtually one huge nudist beach, broken only by occasional non-naturist towns. Located two miles north of Montalivet-les-Bains, the Euronat beach resort is well known for its friendly family atmosphere, clean golden sands, and supervised swimming.

Other nudist beaches

There are other nudist beaches in France that offer stunning scenery and great facilities. These include Plage des Sables d’Opale, Plage de la Redoute, Plage de Kerler, Plage de Pen Bron, Hossegor-Nudist Beach, Plage de l’Espiguette, and Riva Bella.

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