Traveling in Romania

Romania castleRomania is one of the best places to travel when you are in Eastern or Central Europe. Not only has it a very rich history like that of Count Dracula of Transylvania, it also has a very rich culture that dates back during medieval times.

However, there are things that you have to remember if you wish to travel in this country. One is the safety health basics that every tourist has to be aware of, and the rest, a friendly reminder of what you have to know about this country.

Vaccination when traveling to Romania

There are no requirements for vaccination when you are traveling to Romania. However, you have to be aware of the endemics present in the country. That is because, the availability of vaccines in this part of Europe is not at all the same as that of other countries in this region.

The following is a list of all the diseases that you have to be vaccinated or be aware of when you are in Romania: diphtheria, hepatitis A, B and C, tetanus, typhoid, tuberculosis, rabies from stray dogs, and African typhus borne from ticks

Additionally, you have to be aware of the drinking water. As much as possible, have it chlorinated. Likewise, it can also be boiled for a period of time so as to avoid getting upset stomach. It is best that you get a supply of bottled water.

Passports and visas

Canadian and American tourists, as well as those from the EU, are not required to have a passport and can stay up to 90 days. On the other hand, those from Australia and New Zealand have to have their visas when traveling to Romania. Non-EU tourists are not required to have their visas and can stay up to 30 days.

Romanian currency and currency exchange

Leu is the Romanian currency. Tourists can have their money exchanged into leus through exchange kiosks or private exchange establishments. This is even more convenient than waiting in the bank. Be sure you have your passport with you when you are going to have your money exchanged.

Credit cards and traveler’s checks

If you are going to stay in upscale hotels, restaurants or shops, credit cards can be used in these establishments. The ones recognized are Visa, Mastercard and American Express. If you wish to withdraw cash, ATMs are aplenty in the country.

Regarding traveler’s checks, the American Express is the one that is widely known. However, be sure you have your passport, issuing receipt and other checks so you may show them your sequence numbers.

Transportations in Romania

One of the best transportation when trying to get around this country is by train. This type of transportation is cost efficient. They can get you around major cities and towns. If you wish to avail of the tickets in the most convenient way, it is best that you get them in advance from an agent.

When it comes to buses, tourists tend to avoid them because they stop at places that are not marked. If you want an efficient way of traveling using the similar mode of transportation, you can opt for a minibus or a maxitaxi. These can get you to places that do not have train services.

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