Things to Do in Prague

Prague castle

There are a lot of things that the visitor can do in Prague. For one, there are a lot of interesting sights to go to. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, the city has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The city is considered one of the least affected of European cities in terms of the damage caused by World War II.

Most of its historic architecture may still be evident all around the city. Not only that, it is one of the cities that offers one of the most varied collections of architecture in the world. In Prague, visitors may be able to see buildings designed with Baroque, Cubist, Gothic, Art Noveau, and Neo Classical architectural styles. And there are just so many sites to see in Prague.

Tourists may not want to miss having a visit to the famous Prague Castle. This marvelous ancient structure is said to be the biggest of the ancient castles still standing today. It rises majestically over the whole city and offers some of the most beautiful views one can ever have of Prague. Also located on the site of this beautiful and magnificent castle is the St. Vitus Cathedral which has a popular lookout tower.

Visitors can also come and visit the Old Town in Prague. This is considered as the city’s historical center. From this location, visitors may be able to see a number of monuments important to Prague’s rich history. Among them is the famous Astronomical Clock located at the city hall of Old Town.

Visitors can also get a taste of Czech history and culture by visiting a number of museums found in the city. There are also a number of theater companies that operate in Prague that offer the best of the performance arts that the city has to offer for the entertainment of the public. There are also a number of other performance groups that cater to entertain tourists. One can also go and see the sights and experience the ambiance of the city through a river cruise.

River cruises in the city have become a very popular attraction to a great number of tourists and may be varied. There are river cruises that can be as short as one hour and there can be one that can be had for a long romantic cruise along with dinner and music.

The nightlife in the city is also as vibrant and as exciting. There are a number of bars that visitors can go to in order to enjoy a night or two in the city among the locals. There are different clubs and bars that cater to a wide variety of clientele and it would be an exciting time for visitors to check out which one may keep them entertained the whole night though.

There are dance clubs where tourists may be able to enjoy dancing the whole night away. There are also a number of restaurants where one may be able to enjoy the evening going into some culinary adventure which can also be exciting on it own.

A number of sport activities are also available in the city for the active visitor. There are a number of fitness centers available in the city that can provide the visitor with a way to keep fit while in the city. There are also other sports facilities available in Prague that will allow tourists to enjoy quite a number of different sporting activities such as bowling, swimming, shooting, biking and e water rafting, just to name a few.

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