Gdynia Things to Do

Gdynia attractionsGdynia is a city in Poland, which serves as an important seaport in the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. It is located in Kashubia in Eastern Pomerania and is part of the country’s Tri-City area (also composed of the city of GdaÅ„sk and the town of Sopot). Although Gdynia is comparatively a modern city, marine and naval enthusiasts will surely love what it has to offer.

The city’s maritime appeal

Compared to its neighbor, GdaÅ„sk, Gdynia is a modern city with less historical attractions. But what attracts tourists is the city’s recent past. Marine and naval aficionados will be interested in the city’s offerings.

When you visit the city, you have to see the two anchored museum ships in the harbor, the Dar Pomorza Tall Ship frigate and the ORP Blyskawica destroyer. During summer, if your timing is perfect, you can view a parade of ships and racing yachts from different vantage points,

Natural landscape

The coastline and the surrounding hills give many nature lovers sights to behold. The Reservation Park and a cliff-like coastline in Kępa Redłowska are popular destinations. Hiking and biking trails run through reservations and parks. The Panorama Terrace on Donas Hill will give you breathtaking views of Gdynia, as well as parts of Gdańsk and Sopot.

According to the city’s official website, Gdynia is the country’s sunniest city. So visiting beaches should be included in your itinerary when you visit the city. You can enjoy the golden sand and clear water while hunting for amber, shells, and even semiprecious stones.


Built in the 13th century, the St. Michael the Archangel’s Church, located in Oksywie, is the oldest building in Gdynia. There is also the famous 17th century manor house with a neo-Gothic style found in Folwarczna Street in OrÅ‚owo. The city also has a number of beautiful early 20th century architecture in the early functionalist and monumentalist styles.

The city takes pride of its remarkable observation towers, one at Kolibki, the other at Góra Donas. The third tower will be opened to the public some time this year. Gdynia also boasts the recently reconstructed KoÅ›ciuszko square and ÅšwiÄ™tojaÅ„ska street.

Festivals and events

Gdynia is the host of one of the most attended contemporary music festivals in the country, the Heineken Open’er Festival. Every year, this festival welcomes numerous foreign rock, hip-hop, and electronic music artists. Another important summer event in the city is the Viva Beach Party, is a two-day techno party held on Gdynia’s Public Beach. The party is usually held in August.

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