Gay Tourism in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires prides itself as one of the most open-minded cities in South America, so it is unsurprising why it has become a popular destination for gay travelers, particularly from Europe and North America. But unlike the gay playground that are Castro (in San Francisco) and Chelsea (in New York), gay men and women socialize in a fairly low-key level. Gay couples holding hand-in-hand in public may not be a common sight, but they are widely accepted in the city.

People in Buenos Aires take anti-discrimination and gay rights to heart. It is the first Spanish-speaking city in Latin America to pass laws that disallow discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, which took full effect in 1996. The city also approved same-sex civil unions in 2002.

The “Paris of Latin America” provides many options for gay and lesbian travelers. While it has many trendy outdoor cafes and stylish restaurants, Buenos Aires also has gay-friendly venues from clubs, bars, saunas, and even cinemas. The city also has businesses and services that cater to gay residents such as escorts and real estate.

Meanwhile, the gay community in Buenos Aires is one of the most active in South America. The Gay Argentina Pride Parade is held in the city on every first Saturday of November, commemorating the formation of the first gay group in Buenos Aires in 1969.


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