Budget Day Trips in Puerto Rico

el yunqueFor a steamy Caribbean island with first-rate beaches and facilities, it seems that Puerto Rico is not the ideal holiday getaway for travelers tight on budget. But surprisingly, this island can be very affordable for savvy travelers who are looking for an exotic destination. You can find great bargains and many deals and incentives tailor-made for budget visitors.

If you’re visiting Puerto Rico for more than three days, it’s a good idea to explore the island by taking a day trips, which can be very inexpensive. Here are some ideas that might help you:

El Yunque

The El Yunque is a lush rainforest with a number of hiking trails, a magnificent waterfall, and lots of scenic views to enjoy. If you don’t prefer taking a day tour, which costs around $30 to $40 per head, rent a car for the day. The trip will be rewarding because entrance to the rainforest is free and you can combine it with the free Luquillo Beach. There are also cheap kiosks along the way for some hearty roadside snacking.

Culebra and Vieques

When you travel to Puerto Rico, make sure to visit the beautiful islands of Culebra and Vieques. To get there, take a público (passenger van) to Fajardo. While it’s cheap, it usually takes a few hours before you reach your destination. But you can take a taxi if you’re ready to splurge. It can cost at least $25, depending on traffic. Then take ferry to either Culebra or Viques. Enjoy the food and the beaches!

Patron Saint Festivals

Patron Saint Festivals are a blast of local culture, flavor, and pageantry. These festivals are held in all towns to give honor to their patron saint. A festival is usually a day (or more) of food, parades, music, and general frivolity. This is another good use for passenger vans. When planning your trip, check when the patron saint festivals will be held.

The Guánica State Forest

Although less famous than El Yunque, the Guánica State Forest is just as magical and unique. You can find this state forest in the Southwest part of Puerto near Guánica city. This is one of the best preserved subtropical dry forests in the Caribbean.

The forest is home to more or less half of the island’s species of birds. It is also home to more than 700 plant species (nearly 50 are on the endangered list). You’ll enjoy your trip in this forest because of well-made trails. You can rent a car to get there.

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