The Unspoiled Virgin Gorda

Virgin GordaWhen Christopher Columbus saw this island for the first time, he said to have named it "The Fat Virgin" because the silhouette looked like that of a rotund woman lying on her back. 

However, it was only during the 1970s when Virgin Gorda was discovered as a must-travel tourist destination.  Today, Virgin Gorda is the British Virgin Islands’ second most populous island.  Despite its population, Virgin Gorda remains unspoiled with its beautiful beaches and breathtaking ruins.

Virgin Gorda is located about a few miles from main island Tortola.  The more populous part of the island is located on its southwestern part called Spanish Town.  Just below the town is a sea strewn with granite boulders the size of houses. 

This famous beach called The Baths provides a stunning setting for accommodations, dining, snorkeling, and sunbathing.  If you do not like too much sun getting into your skin, simply hide underneath the rocks and treat the water beneath it as your private pool.

Not far from The Baths, as you thread along the pools and caves of the boulder field, is Devil’s Bay where snorkeling is a popular activity.  Meanwhile, Spring Bay has wonderful scenery that rivals The Baths, plus that it is almost never crowded.  You can reach it by accessing the Tower Road and have fun snorkeling beneath the boulders called The Crawl.

Taking a very short trail in Spring Bay could bring you to Little Trunk Bay, which is often deserted.  If you want to take a little adventure, walk on a short steep path leading to the more likely deserted beach of Big Trunk Bay.  Meanwhile, Savannah Bay is located north of Spanish Town and can be reached by a short dirt road.

If you get tired of the beaches, travel along North Sound Road to Gorda Peak, the island’s highest elevation.  From here, you can view the whole island and its beaches, coves, reefs, and blue waters through its observation tower.  You could also take another off-the-beaten-path leading the Copper Mine, a National Park featuring the ruins of an abandoned 19th Century copper mine.

Travelers to Virgin Gorda are few but an educated lot.  You can have your own private getaway in the morning, and could even meet new friends over at dinner.

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