Caribbean Hurricane Guide

hurricaneThe Caribbean islands have just as much as hurricanes as there is in the United States, and the hurricane season is usually avoided by travelers wanting to go to the tropical isles. However, that does not mean you should prevent yourself from taking a Caribbean trip even during the peak of hurricane season.

Hurricane season in the Caribbean can be livable

The biggest myth about hurricanes in the Caribbean is the notion that every hurricane season is unlivable, but in reality the chances of getting hit by a hurricane in the Caribbean is much lower than in Miami of the Gulf Coast.

Different islands have different risks

The Caribbean covers a vast area, and not all islands are just as hurricane-prone. Bermuda, like Miami, has about one-in-four annual risk of being affected by a hurricane; meanwhile, the islands of the southernmost Caribbean such as Aruba, Barbados, Curacao, Bonaire, Grenada, and Trinidad and Tobago are rarely hit by hurricanes. This small risk also applies to the Western Caribbean.

The Caribbean is less risky than the Gulf Coast

We have seen the destruction caused by hurricanes in the Gulf Coast thanks to cable news. However, those same hurricanes in the Caribbean are not as destructive when they pass by the islands. This is because hurricanes become more dangerous once it crosses the Gulf of Mexico.

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