Experience the Beauty of Brazil

iguacu fallsBrazil is a country blessed with remarkable natural beauty. World-class beaches, wildlife-rich rainforests, mesmerizing heritage sites, and bustling cities are only few of the many attractions that enchant visitors from all over the world. Brazil also takes pride of its great cultural and ethnic diversity, with people expressing their tradition in spirited art and colorful celebrations.

If you’re planning a holiday vacation, Brazil is definitely the place to be. Here are the top reasons to visit the country:

Marvelous landscapes and ecosystems

Brazil boasts over 60 national parks and numerous conservation units, holding many records for its wildlife diversity and numbers. The Amazon River, the Amazon rainforest, and the Iguaçu Falls are some of the famous natural attractions in the country. Responding to the need to preserve Brazil’s natural gems, responsible travel and ecotourism drives are on the rise. This makes it possible for you to enjoy your travel in the country in a sustainable way.

Hot Brazilian beaches

Brazil is also well-renowned for its beautiful beaches, with over 2,000 stretching along the country’s shoreline and over 1,000 islands dotting the Atlantic Ocean within the country’s limits. If you’re not a fan of densely populated and highly commercialized beaches, you can always visit beaches with rustic appeal and pristine condition. Some Brazilian beaches are preserved ecological sanctuaries.

Charming cities and towns

Bustling urban centers and charming little towns are the major attractions in Brazil that you mustn’t miss. Experience the common, everyday life in the country by visiting colonial towns like Ouro Preto and Brasilia, both listed as World Heritage sites by UNESCO. Also visit the exuberant and daring megapolitan São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as well as the charming mountain and coastal towns.

Diverse Brazilian culture

Brazil is home to people with diverse cultural and ethnic heritage. A wonderful concoction of contributions is so imprinted in the Brazilian culture that expressions like capoiera, bossa nova, samba, and even the popular yellow soccer jersey are identified as "Brazilian."

Dazzling celebrations and events

In terms of celebrations and events, Brazil is almost synonymous with the Carnaval. But there’s so much more. Many foreign travelers have found that the Reveillon, or the Brazilian New Year, is as fun as the Carnaval. Here are some of the more popular festivals and events in the country: Festas Juninas, Festa Nacional do Índio, Semana Santa, Festa do Divino, St. Vito Festival, and the LGBT Pride Parade in São Paulo.

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