Bahamas Eating & Drinking Guide

Bahamas has also a lot to offer in terms of dining and cuisine as well as entertainment for the visitors bahama food and drinkwhen the sun goes down. Each island has something to offer to make each stay a very memorable one. What makes the Bahamas such a unique place is that it is a paradise that offer natural attractions along with the modern amenities of the good life side by side. Bahamas is a mixture of the old and the new, the past and the present, all mixed well to give every visitor a worthwhile experience for the books.

Culinary adventures can be expected in a place such as the Bahamas. With its multitude of visitors coming from all over the world, it has developed a broad range of culinary specialties to accommodate different tastes. Cuisines from other countries have been adopted to provide a wide array of international tourists a taste of the world from the islands. This can be experienced in the many wonderful restaurants that can be found in the different islands in the Bahamas.

The major islands have most of the best culinary offerings available to different international tastes. Hotels as well as quite a number of fine dining restaurants have always something exciting to offer to every visitor. In Nassau, there are a number of interesting places to visit. There’s the “Cafe Matisse” which is known to offer fine dining at its best. For some of the finest French as well as s, tourists in Nassau can try “Chez Willie Restaurant”, known to serve quality food with the ambiance of a culinary experience straight from the islands.

For those at Grand Bahama Island, a restaurant worth visiting is the “Ferry House”. It offers a blend of contemporary international cuisine made unique with hints of Caribbean tastes. There’s also “Luciano’s” located at Port Lucaya Marketplace and Marina that offers quite a number of European cuisines along with some favorite local Caribbean dishes. The experience is made unforgettable by the restaurant’s ideal location, overlooking the beautiful scenery at Port Lucaya.

For tourists in Harbour Island, they can always head to the popular “Rock House” which offers elegant cuisine choices on a British Colonial setting that can be enjoyed with your choice of wine. You can enjoy a variety of European and Mediterranean cuisines with a number of seafood masterpieces that is just too good to miss. Another choice for Harbour Island tourists to have an unforgettable dining experience is at “The Landing Restaurant” which provides its visitors with a wide array of dazzling seafood dishes created from fresh local produce along with freshly caught local fishes and other seafoods.

Bahamas, along with its many fine restaurants also has a number of exciting bars and clubs all around the islands to provide visitors with a variety of choices for nightly entertainment. The different nightlife destinations offer a wide array of experiences for the eager tourist. Fun and excitement doesn’t stop at sunset at the islands. It continues on until the wee hours of the morning when another day is made ready for a brand new set of the totally unique and exciting Bahamian experience.

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