Getting Around San Francisco

San FranciscoThe city of San Francisco is well known for its scenic and travel destinations as well as its diverse multi-cultural populace, mix Victorian and modern architecture, chilly fog, and historical landmarks. It is here that you’ll find the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz Island. The City of San Francisco forms part of the group that forms the San Francisco Bay Area.

With three airports in the San Francisco Bay Area, getting into the city is pretty easy. There’s the San Francisco International Airport located south of the city, the Oakland International Airport in the East Bay, and the San Jose International Airport which is located in Silicon Valley. Amtrak also passes through the city if you prefer getting there by rail.

Moving around the city is fairly easy once you know your way. Surprisingly, the city is not that big. Plus most of the travel attractions are located in smaller areas. You just get the impression that the city is huge due to various movies, and Television exposures.


There’s the Hop On, Hop Off Sightseeing double-decker buses that ply the city’s scenic route. These buses stop at many of the most popular sights which makes them ideal for visitors or tourists. The public buses are part of San Francisco’s Municipal transport system which are often referred to as Muni. The Muni Bus System for instance is a cheap and a good way of gong around places in the city. However, the crowded rush hour can really be a hellish experience. You can take the bus to the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park and most of the known beaches.


San Francisco is a great city to explore by walking. The city is known for its rolling hills and great waterfront. You will enjoy walking and exploring places like Chinatown and North Beach. The North Beach offers a view of the Fisherman’s Wharf, the grand church and a number of famous cafés. You can take a walk up Telegraph Hill. Although the climb can be a little tiring, but the view and experience is beautiful and unforgettable.

You’ll get a new thrill walking the various shopping districts like Haight, from Divisadero to Stanyan, which by the way is famous for hippie culture. If you walk further down Stanyan, you can get to the Golden Gate Park which is a good place to relax and even watch concerts. Just outside the city center, walking along Cow Hollow will give you yet another fine street of great shopping experience.

If you take a walk at the Castro and Noe Vally, you’ll get to see the city’s famous gay mecca. And there lots more areas and places in the city to take relaxing walks. The great thing about walking is that its healthy and really cheap.

Cable cars

Ask someone who just came from San Francisco what the saw and chances are “cable cars” always belong to th list. Cable cars passes through the most common tourist destinations. From Union Square, to Chinatown, to Ghirardelli Square and Fisherman’s Wharf, the cable cars will bring you to them. The only problem is, the wait for a ride can really be long. Tickets are sold by uniformed conductors. Be wary of scam artists who will try and sell you tickets on the cable cars. It is best not to buy any tickets off the cable cars.


Taxi rides can be a little expensive. Most major cities seem share similar problems with expensive taxi cab fares. Still, if you’re traveling as a group, taxi rides would be a little cheaper especially if you split the fare among the members of the groups. The problem, however, is getting a taxi during peak hours.

BART or Bay Area Rapid Transit

It is the regional metro train. It’s really a great way to get around the whole San Francisco Bay area. There are some trade offs like missing some of the travel locations. Still, the eight BART stations in San Francisco makes it the ideal choice to avoid the city’s traffic hot spots.

By bike

If your legs can carry the stress, you can choose to bike around the city instead of walking. There are designated bike lens, however the lanes are not continuous and sometimes are a little sporadic. Nevertheless, biking around the city is a very convenient form of transportation.

If you’re staying in the city for a more than a day of sightseeing, then the best way to move around the city is by using a combination of the various modes transportation available to your.

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